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Flossbank is decomissioning... Please read more here (opens in new window).

How It Works

Getting paid for the work you do

Right now, it's no secret that every fortune 500 company pulls in Open Source code. Open Source code that has direct and serious revenue impact for companies. So why don't the companies kick back a portion of their revenue to the maintainers who built and maintain the code?

Well, as it is today, it's hard and unsustainable. How do companies decide where to give? And imagine trying to keep up with donations to the projects they use? Tech moves fast, we can't expect company execs to move as quickly when updating their donations. We built Flossbank to enable companies and individuals to easily give back to all the Open Source projects they rely on in a one-time donation step.

As the maintainer, you will get a financial kick back if any company or developer who is giving through Flossbank installs your project. The share of the donation your package gets is based on the weight your package plays in the "mass" of a project being donated to. In other words, based on the number of times your package is used in the dependency tree and the depth at which it is used, you will receive compenstation.

If you'd like to increase your revenue, encourage users in your package README to use Flossbank during their development flow. Check out our brand guidelines to copy a snippet for your README. Our CLI allows users of your code to give back to you, for free, by seeing ads in their terminal (if desired) during the installation of your package or any package that depends on yours. Alternatively, they can of course donate through Flossbank, which distributes their donation to any OSS project they install during their day to day developing. They can install Flossbank at (opens in new window).

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to find out more.