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Flossbank is decomissioning... Please read more here (opens in new window).

Maintainer Portal

The most efficient way to receive compensation for your OSS

No ads, no gimics, no agreements. Get paid based on the impact your Open Source code has on the world in three clicks.

Why Flossbank

  • No self promotion

    No self promotion, no writing blog posts. Get compensated directly to your bank account if your code is used. That's it

  • Easy

    Prove ownership of packages, choose your payout method, and get paid. As easy as that.

  • Sustainable

    Each night, we'll use your registry username to ensure we are compensating you for every package you publish. Sign up once, never log in again.

  • Equitable

    If maintaining your packages is a team effort, manage distribution of package revenue through the Flossbank maintainer portal.

How it works